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Laser Treatment for Age Spots, Brown Spots & Liver Spots

Age spots: one of nature’s most noticeable marks of getting older. However, the appearance of these spots, along with brown spots, dark spots and liver spots, can be reduced by laser skin treatments.

Why Age Spots Occur

Melanin cells determine the pigmentation of your skin. However, these cells can become over-stimulated or damaged by sun exposure, hormonal activity, age, and disease. This damage can create patches of strong or weak pigment over large parts of skin tissue, resulting in age spots, brown spots, and more.

In order to treat this affliction and its resulting spots, there are special treatments for:

With such a variety of spots that can be treated, it is important that you are seen to by a professional who specialises in laser treatment for age spots and dark spots. At Skiin, our team are fully qualified in the field of laser skin treatment.

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