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Body Sculpting with TruSculpt™

Ever find an area on your body that might be a few kilos heavier or not as tight as you’d like, but no matter how much you exercise and eat right, you can’t seem to do anything about it? You might be thinking the only way to fix it is with a surgical procedure like liposuction.

At Skiin in Melbourne, we’re proud to offer a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative: TruSculpt™ body sculpting by Cutera. Cutera TruSculpt™ helps to reduce the visible signs of cellulite in the hard to reach areas of the body. Three to six in-office treatments that take less than an hour can achieve fat and cellulite destruction.

Sculpting for a Range of Body Areas

TruSculpt™ fat reduction treatment can be used for:

  • Tummy bulges
  • Hips and thighs / saddle bags
  • Post baby belly
  • Bra fat / back fat
  • Upper arms / bat wings
  • Under chin / double chin

Body Contouring without Surgery

At Skiin, we offer the option of body contouring without surgery using a non-surgical fat removal procedure to help you get the body you want. For non-invasive “liposuction” in Melbourne that can give you a whole new lease of life, contact our team today.

How Our Non-Invasive TruSculpt Treatment Works

Skiin provides TruSculpt in Melbourne for people who want to shed those unwanted kilos that diet and exercise can’t eradicate. Using the most cutting-edge technology, we can offer non-invasive fat reduction for everything from dimpled thighs to the post-pregnancy mummy tummy. The device heats up and releases the fat cells from the targeted areas, also helping to produce new collagen which assists in modifying the shape of your body. You’ll experience minimal discomfort when undergoing fat removal without surgery, and little recovery downtime is needed.

Get in Touch with Skiin Today for Body Contouring without Surgery

Whether you’ve just given birth, or life and lifestyle habits have gotten in the way, it is possible to get back the body you want with TruSculpt body contouring. For more information on the best non-surgical options in Melbourne, or to make an appointment, get in touch with Skiin today.

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