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Laser Treatment for Leg Veins

Are you tired of feeing self-conscious about obvious veins appearing on your legs? Are you sick of hiding them under long pants or dresses? At Skiin, we offer laser leg vein treatments that can help to improve your self-confidence and give you the freedom to bare your legs without fear.

Leg veins, such as spider and reticular veins, are common problems that affect both men and women, although women tend to be affected more often. Generally found to be a hereditary condition, leg veins can also be caused by other factors such as trauma to the leg, blows and falls, and prolonged periods of standing or sitting.

Varicose Vein Removal

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the appearance of leg veins. Laser treatment for leg veins is a non-invasive procedure that emits light at a specific wavelength to target the affected area. Blood vessels undergo selective photothermolysis due to their preferential absorption of laser light with an appropriately chosen wavelength, which results in photocoagulation and eradication of the veins. This varicose vein laser treatment works to minimise the appearance of spider veins and other leg veins.

Laser treatment for leg veins is suitable for most skin types and may require multiple treatments to achieve the best results.

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With a team of qualified doctors, dermal clinicians, nurses and aesthetic physicians on hand, Skiin can provide safe and efficient laser vein therapy. Enquire about our laser varicose vein removal today. To learn more or make an appointment, simply give us a call on 1300 754 467 or contact us online.
Laser Varicose Vein Treatment

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