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Fat Reduction Treatments in Melbourne

* Looking to get rid of a few unwanted kilos, but finding it difficult? No matter how much you eat right and work out, those couple of extra kilos can sometimes be hard to shift. With a laser body sculpting treatment like truSculpt™ by Cutera, you can target those difficult areas to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. At Skiin’s cellulite and laser fat removal clinic in Melbourne, we offer non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction treatments with truSculpt™ body sculpting.

Spot laser fat removal with truSculpt™ is a non-surgical liposuction procedure that uses radiofrequency waves to deliver deep-heat to targeted areas of the body. This can cause the breakdown of fat cells to facilitate fat reduction.

Sculpt Your Body the Way You Want To

The TruSculpt™ laser fat removal procedure can target certain areas where fat reduction is desired, helping to get rid of persistent kilos or lumpy areas. Some of the common areas that can be targeted include:

  • Tummy bulges
  • Hips and thighs / saddle bags
  • Post baby belly
  • Bra fat / back fat
  • Upper arms / bat wings
  • Under chin / double chin

This non-surgical liposuction treatment does not cause pain and only takes up to an hour to perform.

To make an appointment with us in Melbourne or to learn more about our laser fat reduction treatments, call Skiin today on 1300 754 467 or contact us online. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Non Surgical liposuction

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