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Melasma Treatment in Melbourne

A type of pigmentation often found on the face, melasma results in brown and grey skin patches appearing on the skin. Commonly caused by sun exposure, the condition can also be triggered by other factors such as hormonal changes during pregnancy. While melasma can fade away over time, skin melasma treatment is available to speed up its removal. If you’re searching for a fast and effective way to get rid of melasma, discover the available options offered by Skiin.

Which Treatment for Melasma is Right for You?

At Skiin, we offer several options for skin melasma treatment. Our experienced staff will consult with you to determine which option is best for you depending on your skin type and other factors.

Melasma Laser Treatment

Laser therapy for melasma involves targeting the pigmentation with a laser, causing it to absorb heat and break up. More than one session will typically be required, with the exact number depending on how severe the melasma is.

Chemical Peel for Melasma

At Skiin, we also offer a melasma peel treatment that aims to significantly reduce the appearance of melasma by evening out skin tone. A chemical peel for melasma involves a chemical solution being applied to the skin in order to peel away dead skin cells, allowing new skin to form. Available peels can range from mild through to intense depending on the depth of the melasma.

How Can We Help?


Developed in Spain, Cosmelan is a highly innovative system that gently targets and treats unwanted pigmentation on the face and body. The two-phase intensive treatment programme firstly involves the application of a highly potent de-pigmenting mask. This is applied at the clinic and it is not washed off for up to 6-10 hours. The second treatment phase is an at-home maintenance cream that should be applied twice daily to enhance the effects of the mask.

This safe and non-invasive procedure treats the source of pigment formation to deliver a rapidly clearer, brighter and more clarified complexion.

Laser Genesis

Laser genesis gently heats the upper dermis level of the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen. Collagen is the structural protein found in connective tissues and is an important component of the skin, providing strength and a degree of elasticity which gives skin a youthful appearance. When the treatment is required to reduce redness, additional heat is generated in the dilated capillaries to ‘close down’ the tiny veins and capillaries that cause a red appearance on the skin.The treatment produces no side effects for most patients, but requires multiple sessions to achieve the best results. Most people require a series of at least 6 treatments, carried out every 4 weeks, to obtain optimal results. Please note that you will not see immediate results, as the procedure has a gradual but consistent effect. Our Laser Genesis Machine is imported from the USA and provides the best care for your skin.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a technology used to perform various skin treatments aesthetically and therapeutically. Treatments include Hair Removal and Photo Rejuvenation. Skin concerns for IPL include – Skin Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Broken Capillaries and Thread Veins. IPL can also alleviate dermatologic diseases. The primary goal of IPL is to make the skin tone or colour more even. Another more subtle goal of IPL is to add small amounts of Collagen back into the skin near its surface. This will not reduce wrinkles but will have an effect on the texture of the skin.

Customised Skin Peels

Customised Skin Peels keep the skin looking and feeling its best at any age. Skin Peels are great for treating sun damaged skin and bringing dull, weathered skins back to life.

We use the best Skin Peels to suit your skin needs.

At Skiin we offer a range of customised skin peels to treat skin conditions as follows.

  • Dull tired skin
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Acne Skins
  • Sun Damage and Photo Damage Skins
  • Melasma
  • Actinic and Seborrhoea Keratosis
  • Hyper Pigmentation

Home Care Products

Skiin can offer a team of highly trained skin experts to analyse your skin care needs and develop a program to suit you and your budget. Make the most of your time and effort by using the best available products that can achieve great results. We stock the Mesoestetic skin care range as well as Medik8 skin products.

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To learn more about our available options for melasma treatment in Melbourne, contact Skiin today on 1300 754 467. From laser treatment for melasma through to a chemical peel for melasma, we offer a range of options to help get rid of melasma.

* Disclaimer : The content of the SKIIN Clinic web site, such as text, graphics, images, and information obtained from third parties, are for informational purposes only. Results from series of treatments performed may vary from a person to another. It is recommended to consult our qualified doctors, nurses or skin therapist prior to performing a treatment.

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