Neck Platsyma Bands Treatment

Neck Platysma Bands Treatment

One of the first tell-tale visible signs of ageing is the tightening of the platysma muscle, or the main muscle in the neck, causing noticeable lines to form on either side at the front. These lines can unfortunately make a person look older than their years. Fortunately, a simple, non-surgical platysma muscle tightening treatment from Skiin makes it possible to achieve a smooth neck that may take years off your appearance.

How Platysma Muscle Tightening Works

Non-invasive and non-surgical, the neck platysma bands treatment available at Skiin sees one of our qualified and experienced medical professionals put a muscle relaxant solution into the lines on the front of the neck. This solution helps to relax the platysma muscle, preventing it from producing further wrinkles and lines.

We can also administer a dermal filler that adds volume to the skin, smoothing it out to deliver a youthful appearance that minimises the visible signs of wrinkles. Platysma muscle tightening treatment can last anywhere between three and six months, and in the immediate days afterwards, you might experience some bruising, redness and soreness.

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