Cherry Angioma Treatment

Angioma – also known as cherry angioma, senile angioma, and Campbell De Morgan spots – are common and completely harmless skin growths that occur on the face and body and can vary in size and location. Angioma occurs in an excess of vascular cells on the skin surface. The broken capillaries in the area give the condition its red appearance.

The cause of angioma has not yet been defined, however we know that they are common in patients over 30 years of age and increase in occurrence the more we age. They do not disappear without treatment. At Skiin, we recommend one of the following cherry angioma treatment methods.

IPL Cherry Mole Removal

IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulse Light, a non-invasive treatment that takes no longer than half an hour to perform and requires little preparation or downtime.

Nd:YAG Cherry Angioma Laser Removal

At Skiin, we use only the most advanced technologies available. Our Nd:YAG lasers, sourced from pioneers like Cutera, target the red pigment or haemoglobin in the angioma, resulting in their removal. This laser treatment for cherry angioma is also ideal for all skin types and colours.

Diathermy Cherry Angioma Treatment

Diathermy refers to the process of applying a controlled electric current to a specific affected area. This light-based cherry angioma treatment destroys the damaged capillary, allowing the body to absorb it. An easy treatment, there is minimal discomfort and few side effects.

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