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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne

Ever wished you could do something about the size or shape of your nose without going under the knife? If you’re looking for a non-surgical rhinoplasty that can give you the nose you’ve always wanted, Skiin can provide assistance. We can help smooth out any bumps with a nose bridge filler that delivers the natural looking shape and smoothness of a picture-perfect nose.

How Do We Provide Nose Dermal Fillers?

When you come in for a non-surgical rhinoplasty at Skiin, our highly qualified and trained medical professional will begin by cleaning the treated area with antiseptic so it’s free of any surface dirt. We then put a small amount of nose bridge filler to lift the bridge of the nose and smooth out any bumps that might have formed. When putting nose dermal fillers in Melbourne, we can also add dermal fillers to the chin to help project that and ensure the nose and chin are proportionally similar in shape.

Nose dermal fillers can last up to 12 months before they dissolve and naturally exit the body, at which point you can opt to repeat the treatment if desired.

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If the thought of undergoing surgery to reshape or resize your nose is unappealing, enquire today with Skiin about a non surgical rhinoplasty. For more information on our treatment procedure, or to make a booking for nose dermal fillers in Melbourne, contact us online or call 1300 754 467.

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